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CNC machining Multimedia training software:

CNC machining - the knowledge gap
CNC machining is all about motion. It is impossible to learn or teach it through text books and diagrams. Teaching faculty members as a result spend a lot of time making their own OHP slides and power point presentations. These are however inadequate, and there is still a huge gap between what is taught and what is required in industry. NCyclopedia bridges this gap.
What NCyclopedia does:
NCyclopedia teaches CNC milling and turning technology in a highly effective manner through hundreds of videos, animations, diagrams and explanations written in simple, easy to understand language. It covers the complete range of topics in CNC machining technology.
  - Machine construction
  - Machining operations
  - Cutting tools
  - Tool holding
  - Cutting parameters
  - Work holding
  - CNC programming concepts
NCyclopedia has content from real life machines, tools and machining situations from the best shop floors in industry. Videos and animations have been created exclusively for training.
Who can benefit from NCyclopedia:
NCyclopedia is designed to provide foundational competence in CNC milling and turning. It can be used a self-learning system or as a powerful training tool by faculty in a classroom.
  - Engineering colleges, Polytechnics, Industrial Training Institutes
  - In-house training centers of manufacturing industries
  - Owners of CNC machining job shops
  - CNC machine builders, to train their customers 
  - Cutting tool companies, to train their customers
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Learning manual CNC programming:

seeNC Mill / seeNC Turn Simulation software

seeNC Mill and seeNC Turn support ISO programming format on controls like Fanuc. They are designed to impart the whole range of skills required for programming. They come with teaching material that eliminates the teacher's job of making teaching notes, presentations and programming exercises.
What the student learns:
  - Programming in ISO format, for basic motions and subprograms.
  - Lathe canned cycles G70,G71,G72,G73,G74,G75,G76,G90,G92,G94.
  - Milling canned cycles G73, G74,G76,G80,G81,G82,G83,G84,G85,G87.
  - Tool selection for various operations from tools database.
  - Checking the correctness of the tool path through graphical simulation.
  - Optimizing the tool path and cycle time.
How seeNC works
  - Type in the program through a special inbuilt editor.
  - The software checks the program for syntax errors and displays a list of all errors and their locations.
  - Correct the errors in the editor.
  - Select appropriate tools from an extensive tools database with all tools commonly used in industry.
  - View the tool path simulation with the block by block display of tool coordinates and cycle time.
  - If there are any problems in the tool path, edit the program and repeat the syntax check and simulation.
Special teaching material:
  - Programming manual that teaches programming for basic motions, canned cycles and subprograms.
  - Has pictures, explanations and examples and can be used for self-learning as well as for teaching.
  - Teachers' handbook with ready-made exercises for various operations and their solutions.
  - Students' handbook with just the exercises, without the solutions.
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Learning CNC programming through CAM:

CAPSturn / CAPSmill CAM software:

CAPSmill and CAPSturn are designed to teach the whole range of skills required for machining on a shop floor. They come with teaching material that eliminates the teacher's job of making teaching notes and presentations.
What the student learns:
  - Programming using CAM software.
  - Programming parameters of machining operations.
  - Cutting tools selection for various machining operations.
  - Sequencing machining operations.
  - Post processing for popular controls like Fanuc, Sinumerik (Siemens), etc.
  - Cycle time calculation and optimization.
  - Making process sheets.
How CAPS works:
  - Select the part material, its shape and size, and the work holding.
  - Define the part and part geometries through CAD.
  - Do the process sequencing, tools and cutting parameters selection.
  - Perform machining operations.
  - Check the tool path through graphical simulation.
  - Check the cycle time through the cycle time calculation feature.
  - Check the spindle power in the automatically generated spindle power graph.
  - Generate the NC program.
  - Generate the process sheet, tools list and tool layout sheet .
Teaching material included:
  - Conversational and animated input screens for operations, tool selection, etc.
  - Machining expert - reference for tolerances, tool selection and machining.
  - Graphical tool selection guidance.
  - Teachers' handbook with ready-made exercises
  - Tutorials with machining examples of graded complexity.
Students can practice after class hours:
CAPS comes with FREE copies of the student version of the software. It can be installed on students' personal PCs or in the institute's library or computer room.
Works for 4 months once installed. Has all features required for self-learning.
Designed for training:
  - Used in institutes in many countries to teach CNC programming and CAD/CAM.
  - Software that is specially designed for training.
  - Specially designed teaching material as part of the package.
  - Scope for driving BE / ME academic projects.
Made in India with pride, used worldwide.
  - Winner of CMTI-PMT design excellence award.
  - India's most widely used software for production machining in industry.
  - Used and sold by premier CNC machine builders.
  - Used in the training center of the Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association.
  - Largest number of CAM industrial installations in India.
  - Largest number of CAM educational installations in India.

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CNC machine simulator:

doNC is CNC machine simulator software, designed to provide competency in operating CNC machines. Like flight simulator, it enables a trainee to learn machine operation without an actual machine. Trainees can safely and efficiently practice their machine operating skills on a PC, and get ready to operate real CNC machines in a very
short time. Colleges and training centers can greatly reduce investment on expensive equipment.
doNC simulates popular makes and models of machines and CNC control systems realistically - all machining
operations, CNC console operation like MDI, Jog, tool offset setting, single block check, etc. Door open/close, spindle on/off, collisions, etc. are simulated visually and with audio effects.
What you can do with doNC:
  - Support for 2 and 3 axis CNC machines: lathes and milling machines
  - Supports popular CNC systems and control panels
  - Machine simulation in 3D graphics
  - Real-time dynamic rotation, zooming and panning of machine views
  - G-codes and M-codes validation with G-code debugging tool
  - Simulate canned cycles, macros
  - Simulates post-processed files from CAPSmill, CAPSturn or any CAM software
  - Work piece setting and mounting
  - Tools database customizable by user
  - Turret can be configured for 4, 8, 12 tools
  - ATC can be configured for horizontal / vertical orientation
  - On-screen measurement for tool offsets setting
  - On-screen measurement of machined dimensions
  - Roughness measurements based on cutting parameters
  - Simulation with audio effects for coolant, machining operations and chips generation
  - Operation process recording and replay in AVI format for investigation
  - Supports touch screen monitors for realistic learning
Who benefits from doNC:
Since doNC mimics the controller and simulates a CNC machine in a highly realistic multimedia graphics, it is an ideal practice tool for:
  - In house training centers of industries for training operators, setters and programmers.
  - CNC/CAM laboratories of Engineering and Diploma colleges, ITI institutes.
  - Any skill development training center offering CNC machine operation course.
  - Tech centers of CNC machine tool companies to train their customers.
Network Monitor for training:
When the software is installed on a local network it provides the instructor with the capability of managing and monitoring students, classes and tests. Instructor can query students and control machine login, logoff and machine operations. Can show students screen information on instructor's PC, enables instructor to remotely assist students via remote view or to take control of a student's PC.
Easy student management:
Student can be registered with a unique username and password. Once the student logs in from any computer in a local network the instructor can centrally manage, monitor and tutor the student. Offers increased accountability over students learning process.
Exercises management:
Add tailor-made exercises into the server. Transmit exercises including pictures to student PC. Get answers from the student PC instantaneously.
Test paper management:
Improve quality of assessing the students. Software has test questions library management, test paper management, test process management with automatic marking of test papers. Test administrative tools like management of test data, test permits and test results to greatly simplify testing.
Hardware Requirements:
  - Windows XP / 7, 1.0 GHz, 1.5 Gb RAM
  - 600 MB HDD space
  - 1024x768 VGA with OpenGL

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