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  Simulation Software
Automation Studio: Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Automation Simulation
FeatureCAM by Delcam: 5 Axis CAM, 3D Mill, TurnMill, Solid Modeling, Wire EDM
CAMLab: CNC  Simulation Software
OpenCIM/FMS: FMS/CIM  3D Simulation Software
Witness: Discrete Process Simulation Software

RoboCell: Robotics Simulation Software

ProSimulator: Power Plant Simulation Software

  Hardware Tools

CNC & Manufacturing Hardware

Robotics Hardware

FMS & CIM Systems



 Product to Department & Subject Mapping:


Simulation Software Tools

Department and Subjects

Automation Studio:
Circuit Design & Simulation of Hydraulics, Proportional Hydraulics, Pneumatic, Proportional Pneumatics, Electrical, Electrotechnical, PLC, Digital Electronics, SFC, Single Line Electrotechnical, HMI & Control Panels, Hardware Interface, OPC Interface.

Mechanical, Production, Automobile, Instrumentation, Electrical

Industrial Fluid Power, Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Industrial Automation, Mechatronics, PLC, Digital Electronics, Electrical and Singe Line Electrical, Laboratory Practicals, Student Projects

Simulation Process Models for Power Plant, Process control & Instrumentation,  Basic process Operations, Refining, Gas Processing, Fertilizer, Petrochemicals, Power & Utilities

Mechanical, Chemical, Instrumentation
Study and Layouts of Power Plants, Chemical Plants , Simulation and Laboratory Experiments and Student Projects

FeatureCAM by Delcam

Turning, Milling, 3D Milling, 5 Axis CAM, TurnMill, 3D Solid Modeling, Wire EDM, CNC Probing, Tombstone Machining, Machine Simulation
Mechanical, Production

Multi Axis CAM Programming and Simulation, TurnMill, Automatic Code Generation, Postprocessors, Laboratory Practicals, Student Projects

CNC Multimedia Teachware, Manual G & M Code Simulation Software, CAM Programming and Automatic Code generation Software, CNC Machine and Controller Simulation Software. 

 Mechanical, Production
CNC Technology, Manual Programming and Verification of G&M Codes, CAM Programming and Simulation, Automatic Code Generation, CNC Machine and Controller, Laboratory Practicals, Student Projects

Complete 3D System  Modeling  and Simulation of FMS/CIM Systems , with all required components in a FMS/CIM system with capabilities of Online hardware Interface.

Mechanical, Production
Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Flexible Manufacturing Systems Study and Implementation, Laboratory Practicals and Student Projects

Discrete process modeling, Simulation and Optimization.

Mechanical, Production

Factory Modeling and Operation Research. Supply Chain Management, Practicals and Student Projects

 5 Axis Robot Programming & Simulation Software with Single Cell setup with one robot, Conveyor, Machines, Feeders, Interface to Online Scorbot 4U and with multiple College Experiments.


Mechanical, Production

Robot Programming and Laboratory Experiments, Student Projects


Department and Subjects

CNC & Manufacturing Hardware (Intelitek USA)
CNC Milling and Lathe Machines  of Production grade quality as well as Laboratory Training.
Mechanical, Production
Laboratory machining laboratory practicals and workshop.

SCORBOT Robots, 5Axis+Gripper+Slidebase (Intelitek USA)
SCORBOT-ER 4u , ER9 Educational Robot , 5 Axis and Servo Gripper.

Mechanical, Production, Instrumentation
Robot Programming and Physical Laboratory Experiments, Projects

FMS and CIM Systems
Modular, Flexible and fully Customizable FMS and CIM Systems comprising Robots, Machines, Conveyors, ASRS etc. It fully replicates advanced manufacturing technologies, ensuring students gain relevant, hands-on skills.
Mechanical, Production
Study of FMS and CIM Systems. Laboratory Practicals. 

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Trainer Kits
Transparent Component Kits, Cut Section Valve Kits, Manual  Operated Hyd./Pneu. Kits, Electro Hyd./Pneu. Kits, PLC  Controlled Hyd./Pneu. Kits, Advanced Customized Hyd./Pneu. Kits.  

Mechanical, Production, Automobile

Industrial Fluid Power and Mechatronics Components, Study and Physical Laboratory Practicals.

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