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 OpenFMS & OpenCIM  -  Flexible and Computer Integrated Manufacturing 3D Simulation Software

OpenCIM/OpenCIM Offline and Open FMS software provides a comprehensive solution for the study and practice of CIM/FMS methods and operations:

OpenCIM/FMS gives students experience and knowledge in the concepts, uses and interconnections of the various software modules that comprise a CIM system.
OpenCIM/FMS allows students to gain practical experience in translating theoretical manufacturing methods and processes into actual CIM/FMS applications.
OpenCIM/FMS enables students to use and study components and subsystems individually as well as the entire integrated CIM system.
OpenCIM/FMS includes enhanced optimization functions and performance analysis to support studies in industrial management, operations research, management sciences and related fields.
OpenCIM Offline is the simulation version of OpenCIM. Users can design and run an unlimited variety of CIM or FMS cells in simulation mode, but cannot operate or control actual CIM cells.
OpenCIM/FMS incorporates the latest advancements in CIM, FMS and software technologies:
OpenCIM/FMS is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool. It combines a number of CIM cell and station management modules: MRP for defining parts, machines and processes, customer, purchase and production orders; inventory control and tracking; scheduling and dispatching; report generation.
OpenCIM/FMS implements manufacturing execution system (MES) technology. It integrates real-time information with the system’s PC-based database, and maintains online communication with all subsystems through a LAN, a lab network or the Internet.
OpenCIM/FMS includes a 3D solid model graphic display module that dynamically and accurately simulates the CIM/FMS components and processes. It provides both online graphic tracking of the manufacturing processes and off-line simulation that allows students to test procedures before executing an actual production run. Students can also design virtual CIM cells and experiment with CIM and work cell configurations that are not actually available in the CIM lab.
OpenCIM Web viewer enables access to CIM manager via the Internet and allows users to monitor CIM/FMS cell operations in real time from remote locations. Using internet browsers, users can view realtime reports generated by the CIM manager, remotely track live production cycles in the 3D graphic display, and view details of current CIM/FMS cell status.
OpenCIM/FMS’s open architecture enables the integration of various hardware and software components, making it easy to expand and customize the CIM/FMS system.
- Pentium 4 Dual Core with 3 GHz processor or higher
- At least 512 MB RAM
- CD ROM drive
- Windows XP SP3 32 bit, Windows Vista and Windows 7 32/64 bit
- Hard drive with at least 1 GB of free disk space
-  Super VGA or better graphics display, minimum 256 colors
-  Fully Windows compatible LAN interface card
-  Separate RS232 ports on the PC-for each hardware device which uses an RS232 port
    (or USB ports with RS232 – USB adapter)
-  Separate USB port on the PC for each hardware device which uses an USB port.

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