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 RoboCell Intelitek (USA)

RoboCell integrates Scorbase robotic control software with interactive 3D solid modeling simulation software. RoboCell’s virtual robots and devices accurately replicate the actual dimensions and functions of SCORBOT equipment.


Students can teach positions, write programs and debug robotic applications offline before executing them in an actual workcell. RoboCell allows students to experiment with a variety of simulated robotic cells with ER-9 PRO
robot equipped with servo or pneumatic gripper, even if the actual workcells do not exist in the lab.
Advanced students can even design 3D objects and import them into RoboCell for use in virtual workcells.
  - Interactive graphic setup enables creation of virtual robotic workcells.
  - Simple point and click manipulation of object for placement and definition.
  - Peripheral axis placement and connection
  - Part definitions and properties
  - Definition and connection of sensors and I/O devices.
  - Definition of parts in storage devices and feeders; feeders can supply any quantity of any part.
  - Definition of CNC machines, control of machine doors and machine cycle time.
  - Predefined welding cell; user can modify.
  -  CAD file import utility for user-defined parts and objects.
  -  Setup module can be activated directly from SCORBASE module.
  - Fully integrated with SCORBASE  control software, tool for programming and operating robotic workcells.
  - 3D graphic display module provides dynamic simulation & tracking of the robot and devices in the workcell.
  - Simulation of robot movements and gripper part manipulation.
  - Simulation of peripheral axes: conveyor belts, XY tables, rotary tables, linear slidebases
  - Simulation of CNC mills and lathes: moveable machine parts such as door, chuck and spindle
  - Simulation of automated welding system: welding of multiple parts of varying shapes
  - Simulation of parts: objects fall according to laws of gravity
  - Simulation of different types of sensors.
  - Detection and response to impact conditions and axis limits.
  - Point and click on screen to move the robot and teach position.
  - Display of robot origin, work envelope and gripper position.
  - Display of coordinates of workcell objects and devices: absolute positions or positions relative to robot origin.
  - Display of names of robot, workcell objects and devices.
  - Pentium 4 Dual Core with 3 GHz processor or higher, equipped with CD drive
  - At least 512 MB RAM (1 GB for Vista).
  - A hard drive with at least 60 MB of free disk space.
  - Windows XP SP3 32 bit, Windows Vista & Windows 7 32/64 bit
  - A VGA or better graphics display, minimum 256 colors
  - A mouse or other pointing device
  - USB port    


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