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 WITNESS -  Discrete event Process Modeling, Simulation and Optimisation Software.

WITNESS is the world's leading so􀀉ware product in the field of visual interactive simulation. In Witness we can model, simulate and optimise Discrete event processes, like manufacturing plant processes, supply chain & logistics etc. More than 6500 licenses have been sold worldwide across all industry sectors. The system
is also widely used within education.

WITNESS models: A WITNESS model consists of a collection of WITNESS elements, together with the control logic (rules and actions) that ensure that the model performs in the same way as a real-life system. Some of Witness elements are;
Physical elements:
WITNESS provides elements that represent tangible objects:
  ·Elements that move through the model, being processed (parts and fluids).
  ·Elements that transport parts and fluids (conveyors, track, vehicles, carriers, paths and pipes).
  ·Elements that store parts and fluids (buffers and tanks).
  ·Elements that process parts and fluids (machines and processors).
Logical elements:
WITNESS also provides elements that represent intangible objects:
  ·Elements that represent shift patterns (shifts).
  ·Elements that provide statistical variation (distributions).
  ·Elements that provide a source of data outside the model (files).
  ·Elements that are referenced in the model's control logic (variables, attributes and functions).  
Graphical elements:
Finally, WITNESS provides elements that enhance the presentation of the model and supply information about the state of the model while it is running:
  ·Pie charts.
WITNESS incorporates statistical data in the form of distributions. WITNESS provides a set of distributions that return random samples.
There are 3 integer distributions, (such as a quantity of parts): BINOMIAL, IUNIFORM and POISSON.
There are 11 real distributions, (such as a time or a measurement): BETA, ERLANG, GAMMA, LOGNORML, NEGEXP, NORMAL, RANDOM, TNORMAL,
You can create your own distribution too.
Sigma Ratings in WITNESS:
WITNESS includes function called SigmaRating that allows you to calculate and use your own Sigma ratings based on a 'number of defects per million opportunities' parameter. Apart from this we could incorporate many more functions in WITNESS.
3D Simulation:
WITNESS Quick3D™ allows the creation of a 3D view of a model with just a single click.The 3D model can be
simultaneously simulated with the WITNESS simulation run.
WITNESS supports CAD and XML imports and includes linkage options to and from a wide range of platforms. Wizards enable easy connections with Excel and a wide range of databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, Access, etc. WITNESS also features methods to control simulations using VBA, C# and other options for simulation application development.
Comprehensive Experimentation with Optimization.
WITNESS Experimenter API provides access to the optimization and experimentation functionality. Set objectives, parameters and constraints to find the best solutions for your simulation model.
Comprehensive Reporting: Statistics such as element counts, utilization, queue limits etc., are all shown at the touch of a button in a variety of configurable tabular and chart formats.
Witness is widely used in modeling, simulation & optimization of processes, in manufacturing industries and supply & logistic chain management.
Who are the users of WITNESS? (India):
Geometric Technologies (Pune), TCS (Pune), AVTEC Ltd (Pithampur), Varroc Engineering Pvt. Ltd. (Chakan), Durovalves India Pvt. Ltd. (Aurangabad), Indo Schottle Auto Parts Pvt. Ltd. (Mulshi), Siemens Ltd (Thane), Dynamatics Technologies Ltd. (Chennai), Bloom Energy India Pvt. Ltd. (Bangalore), Unique Most Appl. & Solutions Pvt .Ltd. (Kothrud), Precision Automotion & Robotics India Ltd. ( PARI ) (Pune), R R Donnelley India Outsource Pvt. Ltd (Chennai), Renault Nissan Technology & Business Centre India (RNTBCI) (Chennai), Bajaj (Pune) etc.
Academics: Dehradun Institute of Technology (Dehradun), Prof. Ram Meghe Institute of Technology & Research (Amravati), Indian Institute Of Technology (Madras), Delhi Engineering College (Delhi), Andhra University-College of Engg. (Visakhapatnam), Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management (Nashik), National Institute of Industrial Engineering (Mumbai), Shri Ramdeobaba Kamla Nehru Engineering College (Nagpur), Bapurao Deshmukh College of Engineering (Wardha), Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj College of Engineering (Shegaon), K. K.
Wagh College of Engineering (Nashik), PSG College of Technology (Coimbatore), Indian Institute of Technology (Delhi), Kumaraguru College of Technology (Coimbatore), Indian Institute of Management (Kozikode), V I T University (Vellore) etc.

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