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 SCORBOT-ER 4u Educational Robot: 
The SCORBOT-ER 4u robot is a versatile and reliable system for educational use. The SCORBOT-ER4u robot arm can be mounted on a tabletop, pedestal or linear slidebase.
The robot's speed and repeatability make it highly suited for both stand-alone operations and integrated use in automated workcell and FMS applications such as robotic welding, machine vision and CNC machine tending.
The optional RoboCell 3D simulation software lets students design and control industrial workcells.
The SCORBOT-ER 4u is a powerful tool for teaching science and technology in the classroom or lab. Many teachers have already discovered its potential in subjects such as:
- Mathematics: Use the robot to demonstrate 3-dimensional space and coordinate systems.
- Physics: Combine the robot with motion sensors and tracking software to measure and test physical properties such as speed, velocity and acceleration.
- Computer Science: Program complex conditional statements to solve logic problems such as the Hanoi Tower and have the robot execute the manipulation task.
- Technology: Use the robot controller's digital and analog input/output capabilities to create and monitor systems controlled by physical properties such as light, temperature or sound.
 Mechanical arm
 USB Controller
 USB communication cable
 Software CD
 Plastic dust covers? Documentation for all software and hardware components
 This system is certified for CE safety compliance.
CONTROLLER: USB Controller .
MECHANICAL STRUCTURE: Vertically articulated
NUMBER OF AXES: 5 axes plus servo gripper
   Axis 1: Base rotation 310° 20°/sec
   Axis 2: Shoulder rotation 158° 26.3°/sec
   Axis 3: Elbow rotation 260° 26.3°/sec
   Axis 4: Wrist pitch 260° 83°/sec
   Axis 5: Wrist roll Unlimited 106°/sec (mechanically);  ±570° (electrically)
END EFFECTORS: DC servo gripper, with optical encoder, parallel finger motion; Measurement of object’s size by means of Gripper sensor and software.
MAXIMUM GRIPPER OPENING: 75 mm (3") without rubber pads, 65 mm (2.6") with rubber pads
HOMING: Fixed position on each axis found by means of micro switches
FEEDBACK: Optical encoder on each axis
ACTUATORS: 12 VDC servo motors
TRANSMISSION: Gears, timing belts, lead screw
MAXIMUM PAYLOAD: Default parameters 1Kg (2.2 lbs), Reduce velocity increase weight up to 2.5Kg (5.5 lbs)
POSITION REPEATABILITY: ±0.18 mm (0.007") at TCP (tip of gripper)
WEIGHT: 10.8 kg (23.8 lb)
MAXIMUM PATH VELOCITY: 700 mm/sec (27.6"/sec)
ACCESSORIES:  DC servo motor kit, Gravity parts feeder, Linear conveyor, Linear slidebase for small robots, MicroASRS, Multi-purpose gripper adapters, Rotary index table, Teach Pendant for USB Controller, Linear Table, XY-Table, Motor Kit,
APPLICATIONS (SAMPLES): ER4 u with Machine Tending (Milling/Turning/Laser Engraver), ER4 u with Assembly and/or Quality control
SOFTWARE: RoboCell for USB Controller is an optional 3D simulation software that lets students create, program, simulate and control the entire operation of robotic workcells. SCORBASE for USB Controller is a robot control and programming PC based robotic learning software. SCORBASE software is included with the robot arm.


Educational Robot The SCORBOT-ER 9Pro offers advanced robotic path control, speed and accuracy in an affordable, industrial grade robot.
With state-of-the-art USB-PRO controller, the SCORBOT-ER9 Pro is provided with multi-tasking, real-time control and synchronization of up to 8 axes, 16 digital inputs, 16 digital outputs, 4 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs. The SCORBOT-ER 9Pro supports both stand-alone applications as well as sophisticated automated workcells.
The SCORBOT-ER 9Pro supports both stand-alone applications as well as sophisticated automated orkcells. The robot is supported by RoboCell 3D graphic software that lets students design, create and control simulated industrial workcells. RoboCell is fully integrated with SCORBASE robotics programming and control software and provides dynamic simulation of the robot and workcell devices during visual program execution.



Mechanical arm
USB-PRO Controller
Software CD
USB and power cables
Documentation for all software and hardware components
Certified for CE safety compliance.
USB-PRO Controller (see page 19).
MECHANICAL STRUCTURE: Vertically articulated Enclosed casting
NUMBER OF AXES: 5 rotational axes and gripper
 Axis 1: Base rotation 276° 80°/sec 140°/sec
 Axis 2: Shoulder rotation 153° 69°/sec 123°/sec
 Axis 3: Elbow rotation 214° 78°/sec 140°/sec
 Axis 4: Wrist pitch 202° 103°/sec 166°/sec
 Axis 5: Wrist roll 737° 185°/sec 300°/sec
SPEED: 1.9 m/sec (74.8"/sec)
OPERATING RADIUS: 691 mm (27.2") without gripper
HOMING: Optical switch and encoder index pulse on each axis
POSITION FEEDBACK: Incremental optical encoders with index pulse on each axis
ACTUATORS: 24VDC servo motor on each axis
TRANSMISSION: Harmonic drives and timing belts
MAXIMUM PAYLOAD: 2kg (4.4 lbs) (Full speed), 4kg (8 lbs) (with reduced acceleration)
REPEATABILITY:  ± 0.05 mm (0.002")
WEIGHT: 51 kg (112.5 lbs)

SOFTWARE: RoboCell for USB-PRO Controller is an optional 3D simulation software that lets students create, program, simulate and control the entire operation of robotic workcells. SCORBASE for USB-PRO Controller software, with Multi tasking – Up to 100 concurrent programs, in-program parameter manipulation, built in Scripting, ON line Graph With PWM and position error. SCORBASE software is included with the robot arm.


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